Friday Fun: BlackBerry Cufflinks for that Special Night Out


Now this is a fashionable accessory that no self-respecting BlackBerry user can be without. If you’ve got a spare $50 kicking around and want to have a couple of BlackBerry 8800’s hangin’ out around your wrists, look no farther than the ‘PDA Smartphone Cufflinks’ from These beauties are 3/4″ by 1/2″ and are nickel plated and enamel. A bullet back closure keeps the cufflinks secure and good-to-go. If you want to pick up a set, head on over to

Happy Friday, everyone.

Note: There’s also a set of ‘Smartphone Cufflinks’ available, which are obviously inspired by the iPhone. Check ’em out.

[Via: BBCool]

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