Hands-On Video of BlackBerry Magnum

The source of those first pictures of the touchscreen/QWERTY candybar, the BlackBerry Magnum, has released a short video hardware tour. The casing is nearly identical to the Bold 9000, but seeing as this is a preproduction unit with no working OS, we can expect to see some changes before things get officially released. Still, you can see what RIM is trying to do, and how they’ll likely end up phasing out the trackpad/trackball. Arguably, the Magnum will have the best of both worlds – accurate typing with a real keyboard, and easy navigation through a touch display.

The Storm series has been the only BlackBerry family to tackle the treacherous waters of SurePress, a clicking touchscreen technology that’s hit and miss with a lot of users. The Storm had to make quite a few operating system adjustments in order to become finger-friendly, and I’m curious to see how the Magnum does it with reduced screen real estate.

[via The Cellular Guru]

Screencaps after the jump, for when the YouTube video inevitably gets pulled.

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