‘Homerun Battle 3D’ Makes Cross-Platform Multiplayer Gaming Possible on the iPhone & DROID

Cross-Platform iPhone DROID Homerun Battle 3D

One of the biggest issues plaguing the gaming scene is how divided all of the major platforms are.  Playstation 3 players can only interact and play with Playstation Network users, Xbox 360 players have Xbox LIVE, and the Wii…. well, let’s just not even get into the Wii’s online service.  When it comes to mobile platforms, the rules of the console market don’t really apply since none of them have their proprietary service similar to what Sony & Microsoft have.  Which is why I was surprised with how long it took for there to be games that can be played against other players cross-platform on mobile devices.

Mobile platform games developer Com2us recently shot a video showing how their game, Homerun Battle 3D, can be played on both the iPhone, as well as a phone running Android OS.  In the video, two players are pitted against one another in a homerun derby.  If you look at the top of each player’s screen, you’ll see a gauge indicating their progress against their opponent, which is proof enough that the game is indeed linked to the other.  Hopefully cross-platform gaming is something other developers will pursue since the Android gaming market is just starting to take off.

[Via TouchArcade]

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