Video: Nexus One multi-touch pinch zooming demo

The Nexus One in my pocket has just been blessed with Google’s software update, which enables multi-touch pinch zooming in the web browser, photo gallery, and Google Maps apps. The lack of multi-touch support on the Nexus One’s Android 2.1 OS is considered by many to be the biggest drawback that’s keeping the N1 from truly challenging the iPhone 3GS. But, now that Google is rolling out the N1 software update over the air, the multi-touch argument no longer holds water.

Which is the better smartphone? Well, here’s a little video demonstration of me multi-touching the N1 like it’s going out of style. Enjoy!

If you still don’t have the update, you can always follow our DIY tutorial to force update your Nexus One with the multi-touch pinch zooming update.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    shout out to the THX hat, superman shirt, and Yoeau in the back

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