OverMyMinutes.com Announces First iPhone App for Monitoring Minutes and Texts Usage

overmyminutes-logoOverMyMinutes.com has announced the release of the first iPhone App that offers users the ability to keep a constant watch on their Apple iPhone call minutes and texting usage.

The newly-developed application is a mobile compliment to the company’s existing free tracking service website, OverMyMinutes.com. The Overmyminutes.com Alerter is available to consumers for immediate download through the Apple iTunes App store for all models in the iPhone range. The iPhone application builds upon the standard website’s feature of monitoring minute usage by adding text message monitoring of AT&T iPhone accounts.

The app works by providing users with daily emails about the number of minutes and texts left on their plan, thus giving users additional control over their usage. There is also the option to receive alerts as minutes and texts dip below preset limits of the user’s choice. The reports and alerts can be delivered by email or straight to the device via free incoming text messages. These interactive features reduce the likelihood that users will exceed their minutes or text messages and need to pay higher rates.

OverMyMinutes.com is the only website to offer free proactive monitoring of cell phone minutes usage and text messages and covers all the major US cellular service providers, including Cingular/AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile. OverMyMinutes.com’s calculation methods also account for special rates such as free calling on nights and weekends, and in-network calls. This eliminates errors in tracking minutes and increases the overall accuracy of reporting airtime usage. This secure web-based service requires no software and is designed for users with limited technical background.

I’m told there are many additional features are under development, such as birthday and news alerts, and most importantly (I think), support for Google’s Nexus One and Android platforms – yay! OverMyMinutes.com is free for consumers, small businesses and non-profit organizations – another tempting reason to use it! Now they’ve just got to bring it to the UK :-)

You can check out overMyMinutes here.

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