Rumour: HTC Scorpion/Olympian is a 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex powered Android 2.2 device w/ WiMAX?

Someone anonymously sent Android Spin information about an upcoming HTC device that wasn’t mentioned in the infamous roadmap leak of December 2009. If their information is to be believed, then HTC will come out with a device called either the Scorpion or the Olympian, that it will be powered by an ARM Cortex based 1.5 GHz processor, and that it runs Android 2.2.

The weird part out of all of this is that this mysterious device is supposed to include WiMAX. The amount of people using WiMAX devices right now is so small, so insignificant, couple that with an entire industry is moving to LTE, and I’m simply left confused. But hey, it’s a rumor.

Qualcomm has confirmed that they’re working on 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processors, Google is obviously working on a new version of Android, HTC is one of Google’s best partners, so we’re definitely going to see something turn up in the future that matches this rumour. Whether or not it lives up to the expectations you’ve set for yourself, or has the same model name that we’ve seen today, is a whole other story.

[Via: Engadget]

  • jerry

    Why confused?

    It may not be much by Finnish standards, but Sprint is rolling WIMAX out as we speak, and has been said to get a wimax smartphone by the end of this year. And it needs a refresh on its aging HTC Hero to compete with Verizon’s Droid and Nexus One.

    Let’s see if Sprint announces this next week.

  • Anowon

    Rumor is that this could be a tablet tho?

  • John

    The reason they are confused is because intomobile hates the idea that WiMax actualy has a chance. They bad mouth it every chance they get. If you read up on the real experts on the subject, you see that WiMax may not end up being the #1 4G connection in the cell phone buisness, but will be a mainstay in the future. Experts are even saying LTE will rely on WiMax to transfer backend data before it is sent out. WiMax is more than just cell phones. It will be a nation wide data transfer system. Its already being used on security cameras and other things data systems.

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