Street Fighter IV Getting Ready To ‘Hadouken’ Your iPhone in March

Let’s get this out of the way. There is no way I would ever have expected a game like Street Fighter IV to be ported to the iPhone.  There’s just way too much going on in terms of its graphics, character roster, and its controls, but it seems like Capcom will in fact be bringing Street Fighter IV to the iPhone soon.

Street Fighter IV for the iPhone won’t just be some half-assed port.  Capcom has spent months on bringing the full console experience to the iPhone version.  That means character sprites, stages, ultra moves, and anything else you can think of that made Street Fighter IV awesome will be in the iPhone version.  As of now, only Ryu & Ken have been confirmed characters, but Capcom assures players will be able to choose fan-favorite characters from Street Fighter IV.

Controlling your fighter is all done via on-screen virtual buttons.  As you see from the screenshot above, Capcom has simplified the attack buttons so the entire screen isn’t full of separate attack buttons.  What’s a Street Fighter game without kicking some butt in multiplayer?  Although it looks like playing over Wi-Fi isn’t possible, playing against your friend via Bluetooth is.

[Via IGN]

  • Chuck

    I’m extremely excited.

  • NookSurfer

    I can see it already…the quarters lining up on my office desk, close the doors, take a number…time to start up the office competition. Gives me something else to do on those long conference calls. =)

    • Daniel Perez

      That’s a damn good throwback! I remember the Street Fighter II arcade cabinet would always have a crowd of people surrounding it to watch the current match. I’d have to swim my way through the crowd just so I can add my quarter to the long line of quarters. I used to bring a marker with me though and put a “B” on mine so I know where my spot is, and also to let them know who they were playing against.

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