TrueCar Launches Mobile Site has launched a mobile optimized version of its consumer website, which is available for all web-enabled mobile devices, including Apple iPhone and BlackBerry. It utilises the same easy-to-follow interface as the car pricing website, and the mobile version now allows car buyers to pull up competitive price reports while at a dealership to ensure they are getting the best deal possible.

To use the site, simply enter (or into your mobile browser, select the “get started” link, enter your zipcode*, choose your make, model and trim level, add options, and request your report. You can show your results to your salesman in a matter of seconds.

I have to say this is one of those things that you might not need that often, but you’ll be very glad you have it when you do. Who’d of thought that you could carry a car pricing tool around with you when out and about, browsing new cars – wonder will never cease!

To check out the Truecar site, aim your web browser here.

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