This is when lock-screen gesture passwords don’t work

You know the lock-screen gesture protection used on Android smartphones to prevent people from picking up your phone and having immediate access to all your personal information? Right, well, I hope you’re not relying on your phone’s swipe gesture protection to keep all your dirtiest secrets from falling into the wrong hands. The picture you see here is a good example of how easy it is to circumvent the Nexus One’s lock-screen gesture password. This is Stefan’s phone, and it’s now in the wrong hands…

  • Chris P

    You could fry eggs with that grease. :p

    • Dan Fruzzetti

      Many of us have the same concern when it comes to password gestures on Android. The best way to solve the problem? Use numbers instead of dots. As the user draws their password gesture, he/she decides on which numbers to connect in what order. Then, every time you see that screen the numbers are shuffled so each password swipe is different, and the finger mark from the previous swipe is useless.

      • That Guy

        I surely hope you’re kidding. That would be a huge pain in the ass. It would be better to have a numeric password rather than a randomized gesture. As it is I find myself doing the gesture far to often, to randomize it too would be awful. I have used randomized keypads before and my god does is suck, if you have never used one pray you never need to.

  • mike

    Errrr wait, so Stefan finally gave up his E71 and got a new phone?… I knew he couldn’t resist the pull of new tech for long! ONE OF US, ONE OF US!

  • maeby

    oleophobic screen ftw

  • Miranda

    You have to have some dirty hands for this sort of thing to happen. My password works all my freinds constantly try to figure out my code or pattern. People need to stop being so critical towards the droid.

  • Keith

    Is it just me, or is this only really a problem when you put in your password and then never touch the phone again?

  • paradox

    omg i thought this was safe, wtf so easy to break

  • Bing

    This looks like someone unlocked their phone, did nothing with it, shut the screen off and put it down. Isn’t it likely if someone unlocks their phone they’re going to touch the screen a few more times? Maybe open the browser, swipe down a bit, etc? I find it difficult to believe the image hosted here is very often the case.

  • WalterSear

    This wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t keep his screen so clean.

  • Nuggets

    Yawn old news, these researchers just wasted months of work

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