Verizon HTC Droid Eris users beginning to receive Android 2.1 OTA update?

An over-the-air (OTA) update has been dropping into the hands of a few unsuspecting HTC Droid Eris users.  Reports say that the update process is not going over so well. If this is the beginning of Verizon’s Android OS 2.1 rollout, then it looks like its off to a rocky start.

Some recipients who have received the update  have said it was successful, and their phone now says “2.1” under the “Firmware Version” in the settings (above). Some have not been so lucky. One report claims that they’d attempted to update the phone twice to no avail at all. There are also reports that the update came, went through successfully, and that they are now on Android 2.1, with no Sense UI. Now whether if this is some sort of glitch, or accidental update sent out, we’re not sure, but something is not right. There seems to be some inconsistency as to what update actually does.

A majority of those who has received the update, despite success of the update, can agree that the attempt has erased everything off of the device. As a regular at the XDA forums, I’ve had to wipe my device plenty of times and set it up for a new ROM. For a person who may be less tech-savvy, or just uninterested in anything more than just having a smartphone that does its job may be somewhat frustrated if they have just lost all of their applications and what not. Sure you can re-download your applications and put everything back into their place, but what of the texts, and all of the application data that was lost? Frankly, I’d be pissed.

In the long run, however, it does seem like a small sacrifice for a much-needed update. Hopefully Big Red will get it right next time.

  • Tom

    Sweet I can’t wait!

  • Paul

    Works fine in the UK no loss of apps or content.

  • billy banks

    I can’t say I love it until I get it.

  • Jared

    Any idea at all when this will roll out to everyone else?

  • Dave

    I am thinking of buying an HTC eris. How does one back up their contacts? in the event an OTA deletes all the apps and contacts, how do you back them up and restore them. I have a Verizon flip phone and it automatically backs up contacts whenever you make a change.

    • derek

      it backs up your contacts and i belive all of the apps that u actually purchase via your gmail account that if you dont have before you get the eris you have the chance to set one up when you turn on the phone however it does not back up the apps that are free or any text messages which sux but all u have to do is if you wipe your phone clean just log into your gmail and it updates itself

  • derek

    i want to know why only a select group is getting the update and why not everyone at once i mean i got my eris the day they came out so if anyone was to get the update shouldnt be the people who had the phones first maybe its just me with a dumb question but ive been waiting on this upgrade since before any talk of an upgrade

  • troy

    Got that nu update . Cool but made my eris very slow. Weather wiget doesn’t work . 8 out of 10 7 .5 actually !

  • troy

    And no Google earth! 7

  • john

    After the update on my Eris, my LG Bluetooth headset will no longer pair with the phone. The phone on pairing attempt asks to make sure the device is displaying a pin, the I press PAIR and they disconnect.

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