Hack Alert: Beware the Twitter phishing attack that asks ‘LOL is this you’

We interrupt your daily scheduled programming to bring you breaking news of a new Twitter phishing attack that might just pilfer your Twitter account and hand it over to would-be hackers. Twitter users would be wise to not click on any Twitter direct messages (DMs) that asks “LOL, is this you?” Clicking on the link inside these DMs will redirect the user to a fake Twitter login page, presumably setup with the sole intention of hijacking your Twitter account to, you know, take over the world.

At the very least, if you happen to accidentally click on the DM link, do not enter your login credentials at the login page. This is what the malicious DM will look like:

Lol. this you?? http://divinelink.net/?rid=http://twitter.verify.bzpharma.net/login

Have you seen the above direct message (or something similar) lately? Leave a comment below, we’d like to get an idea for how widespread this scam has grown in the past several hours.

[Via: Twitter]

  • Alzwel

    I got hit by that one in August.

  • Sabrina

    Yes I received a DM like this a few days ago. I didn’t click on the link and the DM has since been deleted (thought not by me).

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