Rogers to Launch Acer Liquid E


Rogers has just announced an exclusive on the Acer Liquid E, an updated version of the Android-powered Liquid that was announced last fall. We got some playtime with the Liquid E at Mobile World Congress, and thought it would make a fine answer to the top-tier Android smartphones that we’re seeing from the more established manufacturers, if possibly aiming to undercut them on price.

Just to run through the specs really quick, the Liquid E runs Android 2.1, has a 5 megapixel camera, 3.5” WVGA touch display, 256 MB of RAM, Wi-Fi, GPS, and 7.2 Mbps HSPA connectivity. Software-wise, there’s a Dataviz document editing suite, and Acer’s custom carrousel homescreen widgets to easily access video, pictures, and bookmarks.

Acer is expecting to move two million of these phones this year, and though a Canadian release is a good step towards that, we haven’t heard anything from the U.S., which will likely provide the lion’s share Acer’s smartphone business. Still, this is Acer’s first smartphone in Canada, it seems likely to pave the way for their slew of other handsets waiting in the wings. The Rogers Liquid E should become available sometime this spring, for those Canadians hankering for an Android phone from someone other than HTC and Motorola. 

[via Acer]

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