Final Fantasy I & II for iPhone Releasing This Thursday

Final Fantasy I & II for the iPhone has been in the works for quite some time, and it’s finally going to be released this Thursday for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

The iPhone version of Final Fantasy I & II will have updated graphics and new touchscreen inputs for both in-combat commands, as well as moving around the game world.  The games will also include all of the bonus features contained in the PSP version.  It should also be noted both titles will be their own separate game, in case you thought Square-Enix was going to jam both games into one über App.

As of now, no price has been disclosed, but given how nostalgic Final Fantasy makes me, especially with the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 & PS3, price means nothing to me!

[Via Pocketgamer]

  • Ann Julie

    Earlier I came to know that Street Fighter will be released for iPhone by Capcom with a price of 9.9 dollars. Final Fantasy may also cost the same.


    ff1 on mobile devices is the best idea ever. I never thought i would ever play ff1 ever again but you made it possible GREAT WORK WOOHOO FOR SQUARE ENIX AND NAMCO FUDGE YA

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