WIND Mobile Offering $150 to Help Offset Early Cancellation Fees

Now how’s this for sweetening the pot? Canada’s newest carrier, WIND Mobile is offering new customers a cool $150 for canceling an existing contract with Bell, Rogers and TELUS (plus any of their ‘discount’ brands). The re-embursement will come to new WIND subscribers via five $30 installments. Neat.

In reality, all WIND is doing here is helping users get out of their contracts. All Canadian carriers (to my knowledge) allow you to quickly and easily get out of any contract, providing you pay a penalty. While the WIND ‘offering’ is a nice one, the $150 still may not be enough to bring those ‘power’ users over to the WIND side of the fence. Especially when you consider WIND’s ‘Home Zones’. Customers traveling outside of these zones (areas of WIND coverage) will take on expensive roaming charges.

At the moment, WIND has their network up and running in Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton, with Ottawa and Vancouver on the way shortly. If you’re a Canadian professional or mobile junkie that spends most of his or her time in major centers, WIND could very well be an awesome option for you in the near future. As their coverage and ‘Home Zones’ expand, look for more people to get WIND of WIND (that could mean any number of things). Ugh, my apologies.

Happy Monday all.

[Via: CBC]

  • Nick Doucet

    That’s cool. If I lived in Toronto I would really consider it. But I live 3 hours away from Halifax, NS (nearest city). It’s a great idea and hats off for them trying to get more of the market.


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