Microsoft working on ‘skinput’ flesh-control technology – It’s not what you think

Microsoft is working on a new flesh-control input technology called “skinput.” But, it’s not what you’re (probably) thinking. While it might be possible to one day adapt this tech to more, shall we say, “erotic” applications, the first iteration of the skinput technology focuses on using the flesh as input controls for mobile devices. The implication here is that everything from smartphones to music players to computers could be controlled with a simple double-click on your forearm.

Skinput technology works by “listening” for the sounds made by your finger tapping on a particular part of your body. Since skin, joint and bone density are highly variable on any normal human being, those taps are associated with different acoustic profiles – tapping close to your wrist would result in a slightly different “sound” than tapping closer to the elbow. The demo you see in the video below projects a control interface onto a forearm, giving the user a visual guide as to where to tap.

So far, Microsoft and researcher Chris Harrison, from Carnegie Mellon University, have been able to use their flesh-control technology to play a game of Tetris and to control an iPod. In the future, though, skinput tech might completely change the way you think about double-clicking your lady’s mouse. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Microsoft will unveil their skinput tech in April.

Video updated to better quality and high-res pics added.

[ChrisHarrison via: TheRawFeed]

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