RedEye dongle turns iPhone into universal remote

Having too many remote controls can be a pain but I just don’t feel right about plopping down $200 or more for a fancy universal remote. ThinkFlood‘s RedEye mini may solve this problem because the $50 dongle turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote for all of your IR gear.

You simply plug the dongle into the headphone jack, download the free RedEye program from the App Store and you should be off and running. It will work with devices up to 30 feet away, includes a channel guide on the handset and it even includes multitouch and accelerometer controls. I’m hoping you won’t have to point the dongle at the device directly because I’m thinking about buying this for my iPod Touch, which has the headphone jack at the bottom. The interface looks pretty intuitive and you can customize how it controls your home theater equipment.

Anyone out there try RedEye? Post your thoughts here because I’m getting an itchy purchase finger. One way or another, keep watching IntoMobile because we’ll probably have a review up shortly.

[Via Engadget]

  • make_j4

    Uses the headphone jack? Nice! This might finally be a compelling replacement for my Logitech Harmony.

  • Marinperez

    Yeah, seems like a super smart solution that’s easily scalable to other smartphones. The only thing holding me back is that my PS3 is Bluetooth, so I’ll still have to rock two remotes.

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