Virgin Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Free at FutureShop

A BlackBerry Bold 9700 for free? Um, yes please! That’s exactly the deal you can get at FutureShop Canada. An in-store only promo, you can head in to your local FutureShop to pick up the Virgin Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 for absolutely nothing. Of course, the catch here is that you’ll have to sign-up for that 3-year contract… But if you need to pick up a new contract anyway, the Bold 9700 for free is a ridiculous deal.

Just for comparison, I popped on over to TELUS, where they have the 9700 up for $149.99 on a 3-year contract. Rogers? There’s will cost you $149.99 as well. Bell, well they’ll run you a cool five cents cheaper at $149.95. Heck, even Virgin Mobile Canada still has the 9700 posted at $149.99 on their website. So no matter where you turn, the 9700 is going for $150 coast to coast, to coast.

Remember, this is an in-store only deal at FutureShop, so you’ll have to get off the couch and get your butt down to the store. Not sure if this is a limited time offer or not, but one thing is for sure… Look for pricing to drop on the 9700 on the other major Canadian carriers real soon.

Check it out for yourself at FutureShop.

Update: Looks like this may have been in error. FutureShop has adjusted their price back to $149.99. I wonder what the deal was here?

[Via: MobileSyrup]

  • Dano

    Following the link to the Futureshop’s Virgin Bold 9700 the price seems to be adjusted back to $149.99. Either it was a very brief thing,, or the site’s pricing was just incorrect.

  • Dub

    The site says $150 on a 3yr term, where are you getting this info from?

  • ScottF

    The price is incorrect. Info was sent to head office to make changes. Too good to be true!

  • Dub

    Damn that sucks!

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