iPhone Gets Google Buzz App – Buzzie

Google’s status and multimedia sharing service, Buzz, launched with a dose of Android support, and now thanks to a third-party application called Buzzie, it’s available on the iPhone. Buzzie enables all the features you would expect, like reading posts from those you follow, posting geotagged updates yourself, checking the local Buzz, commenting on and Liking updates, and browsing attached links.

If you haven’t tried out Buzz, it plugs into your GMail in your standard web browser, and Google Maps on your Android phone to show locations of (and share) nearby Buzzes. The overall reception has been that few people have a reason to switch from Twitter, but by sheer virtue of the fact that Google is the one making it and plugging it into their hot properties like YouTube and Reader, in addition to allowing Twitter integration, Buzz is making a lot of traction.

What do you guys think – are you more prone to Buzz now that there’s an iPhone client? On that note, I wonder how long it will take before Buzzie sees some competition…?

Buzzie ($1.99) [iTunes link]

[TheNextWeb via Gizmodo]

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