Shazam 2.5 Now Available for BlackBerry

A quickie here for any BlackBerry users that frequent the Shazam app. Version 2.5 is now available, and it brings some cool new features that users of the iPhone app have enjoyed for some time now. Key additions in Shazam 2.5 for BlackBerry include:

  • Watch music videos of tagged songs and more via YouTube
  • Tweet tags to your followers
  • Buy music direct from the 7Digital music store.

Not a HUGE update, but it does bring some substantial new (and cool) features into play. Shazam for BlackBerry is a free download, but for additional functionality you WILL need to throw down some cash. The good thing is, however, a free 7-day trial of the ‘extra’ features you get in the full version is available. If you don’t like it, keep the free version and plug away with limited usage and features (you’re limited to 5 tags per calendar month).

Shazam 2.5 is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese… and is compatible with most current gen BlackBerry devices, including the Storm and Bold series.

Shazam 2.5 (FREE) [App World Link]

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