Vlingo updates its iPhone app with email and SMS functionality

Vlingo has launched an enhanced version of its voice-powered iPhone application, allowing users to send email and text messages simply by speaking into their beloved device. Unlike similar speech recognition apps that offer a single use only, Vlingo delivers up to six voice-powered features including: email, SMS Paste, social site updates, maps and voice dial. Here are some examples how you can use Vlingo:

  • Email: “Email Will, Subject IntoMobile, I need a vacation man!” – and an email will be sent to our Editor in Chief asking him for a vacation on my behalf.
  • SMS: “Text Stefan, Message How’s the weather in Helsinki? Seeing any penguins lately?”
  • SEARCH: “Bing Italian restaurants in Belgrade,” and view results. In addition to Bing (which is a new search engine supported by Vlingo), you can also use Google and Yahoo for your queries.

It’s that simple. And you can also use the application for voice dialing, search, maps, Facebook and Twitter updates. The new email and SMS Paste messaging features can be added to the app for $6.99 each, or both for $9.99.

Vlingo (FREE) [iTunes link]

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