MySpace hugely popular on Android

In a bit of shocking news, it looks like MySpace is the most popular social networking application on the Android Market.

MySpace also said its apps is the third most-popular app overall for Android Market and it attributes this success to the deep integration with the operating system.

“We also allow users to set MySpace photos as background wallpaper on their phone’s home screen,” MySpace said on its blog. “Close integration with the native Android camera contributes to the customized experience and makes it easy for MySpace users to take, upload and share pictures of their friends out having fun.”

I’ve used the app before and it is well-done, but I have no friends still using MySpace. I thought it had been relegated to bands and perverts, but I guess I’m wrong. The Fox-owned network did have the first-mover advantage because it has been on the platform since about launch, while an official Facebook app didn’t come until much later. It will be interesting to watch if MySpace can keep up this performance in a year or two.

[Via MySpace]

  • droidMan

    as an Android user, this has always been something that surprised me. I think though, that there are two possible explanations for this. The first explanation is that a lot of Android phones (such as the Droid) come with the facebook app preinstalled, so millions of Android facebook users aren’t counted in these statistics.

    My other theory is something that most android+facebook users are probably aware: the facebook app for android quite simply sucks. It is pretty much just a series of links to the mobile site. It has bad ratings, so many potential users may see these and be more inclined to download a third party fbook app called bloo which is actually a pretty good app, even comparable with fbook for iphone.

    • G1 to N1

      To add more to the first comment, there are quite a number of Android phones that have “Facebook for Android” pre-installed from the Motorola Cliq all the way to the Nexus One. As stated it’s not very impressive and is essentially a watered down version of the mobile site. I’ve been using Bloo as well and was one of those waiting for it’s initial release as it’s the only native app for Facebook.
      The other major point: Search the. Android Market for a MySpace app and you’ll find 1 free and 1 paid available. The same search for Facebook results in more than 15 with less than half being paid apps. Add all the downloads for them plus those that use the pre-installed app and I can assure you it’s not even close. Every Android user I personally know uses a Facebook app and I’m fairly certain almost none even use MySpace, let alone an app for it.
      Was this article written to promote MySpace?

  • benr

    Well, why shouldn’t it be .. the Facebook app blows. I owned an iPhone 3G prior to my Droid and I’ve messed with the new Facebook app on WebOS and quite frankly we Android users are getting the short end of the feature stick. :/

  • ohhjohnny

    I only have a Droid but can anyone tell me what androids app is missing? It doesn’t look that pretty but it integrates into my contacts and calendar, and I can check status updates

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