Apple iPad pre-order rush snags 50,000 units in two hours

Whether or not you like the Apple iPad, and whatever your thoughts on its lack of Adobe Flash support may be, there’s no denying that Apple’s marketing hype just can’t be stopped. Case in point – following Apple’s  move to open the doors to pre-orders this morning, reports are pegging initial sales at a whopping 50,000 units. It apparently took Apple just two measly hours to get purchase commitments for 50,000 iPads. That calculates to something like 25,000 orders per hour, or about 7 iPad orders every second.

The sales estimates don’t come from Apple proper, so it’s all technically still speculation at this point. But, if analysts like Valcent Financial Group’s Victor Castroll are on point with their estimations – which is based on order numbers that they’ve managed to track on a Google Spreadsheet – there are something like 51,000 confirmed orders for iPads in the first two hours of sales.

The order numbers also give us a glimpse into what kinds of iPads are being ordered. The breakdown goes something like this: 25% pre-ordered the 3G model, with another 25% ordering the 64 GB model, and another 25% ordering two of Apple’s upcoming tablet device. It seems people are gunning for the higher-end models, despite their higher price points.

But, the cold, hard truth of iPad sales may lie in Apple’s iPad production ramp. Rumors have Apple stocking as little as 300,000 units for its April 3 launch. At the current rate, Apple could very well see every single one of its tablets spoken for before the device even ships.

Time will tell how the Apple tablet performs in terms of financials, but if these estimates prove accurate, Apple’s going to have another blockbuster hit on their hands.

So, who’s getting an iPad today? Are you going for the WiFi-only or WiFi+3G model?

If you want to contribute to the iPad sales estimates, email your order number to [email protected].

[Via: Fortune]

  • james braselton

    hi there wow 25,000 per hour or 52,000 for 2 hours soo for a 10 hour day your looking at 250,000 too 520,000 units apple should have stock the full 10,000,000 units or 10 million units not 300,000 kindel dx wont last long at all

  • Mark E.

    Great, James looks like he can multiply. But I doubt the very early initial demand is a linear function.

    For me, I’m waiting for flash support. If Apple doesn’t do it, then I’ll wait for Google’s tablet device, lawsuits be damned.

    • wyneken

      Maybe you should wait for Flash to die and HTML5 to supplant it. That’s likely to happen sooner than Steve Jobs changing his mind about Flash. Especially since all those millions of iPhones seem to be doing okay without it.

      It’s funny — I never really thought much about Flash, one way or the other (though all those animated banner ads are kind of annoying) — and I wonder if all these commenters actually felt so passionately about this issue two or three months ago. There must be something Magical™ about Apple announcing that the iPad won’t support Flash that causes people like Mark E to suddenly decide they love Flash and can’t live without it.

      I imagine that if Steve Jobs had stood on stage and announced that the iPad wouldn’t allow you to play golf games, then everyone would start posting that golf games are their favorite thing in the world, ever, and life without golf games is unimaginable, and that they will NEVER buy a tablet device that doesn’t include golf games, and by the way Apple sucks. But if you ask them what is their favorite golf game on their current computer, they mysteriously can’t remember.

  • Troy

    Well Steve always has something, I’m just waitIng to see if I can create a use for this thing. I enjoy my iPhone but I think some of the little things like typing may just be the reason why I would want one.
    Big fingers manny mistakes. If emailing is easier to do when at the desk then that would free up another computer

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