Nexus One available with AT&T and Rogers 3G in Google online store

Rumors of an AT&T compatible Nexus One have been around for some time now. Today, those rumors have been brought back behind the barn and shot faster than Ol’ Yeller. The AT&T compatible 3G Nexus One is now available for from the Google online store.

Now, with that said, there is some less than stellar news as well. If you’re an average Joe– more than likely, if you are looking up the Nexus One after reading this site, you’re probably not average Joe, you’re probably a mobile enthusiast of some sort, but let’s pretend. Say you’re an average Joe, and you get word on the AT&T compatible Nexus One, and you can’t wait to get your hands on on it. Problem is, the device is only available unlocked for AT&T users, there is no subsidized pricing as there is for T-Mobile.

Some may wonder if this is whats going to happen with Verizon as well, and I’d assume no. The Verizon, as well as Vodafone logos have been on the Nexus One site as ‘coming soon’ since day one. It looks like AT&T just got lucky with their own compatibility, and Rogers wins as well, since it shares the same 3G bands. I believe Verizon will receive subsidized pricing for their own CDMA flavored Nexus one.  So that would make three out of the four largest mobile carriers in the U.S. have dibs on the Google phone.

The world is waiting for you, Sprint. Or rather, the U.S. is waiting for you.

[Via : NexusOneBlog]

  • Simon Sage

    It’s worth noting that if the Nexus one will run on Rogers, it will run on Bell and TELUS HSPA networks as well. Curious that Google doesn’t mention that.

  • Wireless Mike

    I’ve been an AT&T customer for years and I’ve been waiting since I heard the first rumor to get my hands on the Nexus One. However, at over $500, the phone is more expensive than a netbook or economically-priced laptop. No one in his right mind can justify that kind of cost for what is essentially, the best alternative to the iPhone, when the iPhone, itself, is priced under contract at less than one fifth the price of the AT&T compatible Nexus One.

    This means I will not be purchasing it, regardless than I am willing to pay more than $100 for it, and will very seriously consider switching providers if it becomes available though Verizon with reasonable pricing.

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