Samsung Star now available with analog mobile TV receiver – S5233T

Samsung is obviously bullish on its low-to-mid range Star handset. The all-touchscreen device, which is known as the Tocco Lite in the UK, is already available in multiple color options and even some special edition versions — all of which helped Samsung move more than 10 million units so far. Heck, we’ve even seen that the WiFi-enabled Star is in works

Now they are releasing another variation of the device, which this time, comes equipped with an analog mobile TV receiver. It’s called the Star TV S5233T and has been recently launched in Southeast Asia, where folks are obviously keen on watching TV while on the go — the trend which we still wait to see hitting the mainstream in the Western world.

Rest of the specs seem pretty much unchanged (though we’re not sure). Telegent Systems’ analog mobile TV receiver is used in the device, while a special software is made to make browsing of TV channels user friendly — including the ability to flick the screen to change channels, one-click screen capture and record, on-screen keypad channel entry and reception of incoming SMS messages with continuous TV viewing.

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