Flash player 10.1 on Android, for real this time

Remember back when the Desire ROM leaked out, and someone ported it to the Nexus One? Remember every blog under the sun (except for us) said that the ROM has Flash 10.1, when really it was only Flash lite? Well, today folks, we have a real video with the REAL flash player 10.1 on it.

The video comes from someone who works with Adobe, and demos Flash 10.1 by viewing a live basketball game, as it is March Madness time. In the video he does say that he is using on a 3G connection, so that’s why it was stuttering slightly, and why he didn’t connect to the WiFi he was on with his laptop is beyond me, but the demo looks rather nice. A little behind with the computer, but Flash on Nexus One fared quite well with smoothness and keeping up. For live video, it does just fine, even if it is a couple seconds behind.

Not only does this demo signal that Flash 10.1 works, and works well on the Nexus One, but this is just one step closer to the inevitable release. Of course, a date has not been set, besides the usual ‘first half of 2010’ that we’ve heard before. But Flash for Android looks closer than ever, and while it looks nice on the Nexus One, who knows how the playback will be on lower-speced Android devices. Although Flash for Android will only be available to Android 2.1, and processor specific devices, it would be interesting if the experience differed, even slightly, with the Motorola Droid compared to the Nexus One. Only time will tell.

As we near the end of the first quarter of the year, the time frame given by Adobe is closing in as to when Flash will be available on Android phones. What better place than to debut it at than CTIA, which kicks off next week? Let’s cross our fingers!

[Via: Phandroid]

  • mike

    Just got my 2.1 firmware update for Moto Droid today. Hopefully, this means Flash 10.1 is on its way.

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