China Telecom, China’s 3rd largest operator, confirms Palm Pre coming in July, BlackBerry in May

Way back, in November of 2009, we told you that China Telecom may be, might be, could possibly, bring the Palm Pre to their network. Today, during China Telecom’s full year results conference call, the company took the opportunity to announce that not only will the Palm Pre be coming to China’s 3rd largest network in July, but also that RIM’s BlackBerry lineup will hit the scene in May.

With a little over 56 million customers, that’s a lot of opportunity for Palm to avoid a painful death, and for RIM to extend their push email dominance to even more territories. Will the Chinese want the real deal tho, or are they going to stick to their clones, or even better, devices made by local producers with their own local brand?

[Via: Mobile Business Briefing]

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