Bolt 2.0 busts out tabbed browsing

Bitstream has just launched Bolt 2.0 and the upgraded browser now supports tabbed browsing to go along with its ability to stream videos to BlackBerry smartphones and feature phones.

Like Opera, Bolt uses server-side compression technology to deliver web content to the handsets. Unlike Opera, Bolt is Webkit-based and it also complies to more standards. Along with the ability to use tabs, Bolt 2.0 also includes heavy Facebook integration. You can post status updates, links or other content to the social network without having to leave the page you’re viewing.

We had a chance to check out the latest version last night and it worked pretty well, even on an EDGE data connection. I have a few concerns though. First of all, RIM is preparing an updated browser that should be pretty good and it will eventually support Flash. Opera also has a large user base and Skyfire does some cool video-streaming stuff for smartphones. The Bolt folks said it can still stand out from the crowd with a better user interface and more features but I see many stumbling blocks ahead.

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