HTC EVO 4G Announced – WiMAX, 4.3″ Screen, 8 Megapixel Camera, HDMI-Out

Sprint and HTC just announced the EVO 4G, a beast of a device that we had seen glimpses of under the monicker Supersonic. The overall package is extremely impressive: 4.3″ display, 8 megapixel primary camera with a secondary 1.3 megapixel video conferencing camera, 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor, Android 2.1 with HTC Sense, HDMI-out, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Hooah. Both HTC and Sprint are quick to point out the EVO 4G’s pinch-to-zoom capabilities and kickstand, even with such an impressive stat line to boast about. This is quite the beast of a smartphone, and our boys in Vegas will no doubt get us some hands-on video and pictures of the EVO 4G just to illustrate its full capabilities. The press release mentions Adobe Flash support, which would be nice to see in action.

To date, Sprint’s only real WiMAX products have been in the mobile broadband sphere, like the Overdrive. They flirted with smartphones with the Samsung Mondi, but the EVO 4G presents a truly concerted push of WiMAX to consumers. While the EVO 4G will likely be both Sprint and HTC’s biggest news of CTIA, they also had announcements regarding expanded WiMAX coverage and a new online store, respectively. On top of the areas already planned, the WiMAX expansion will be coming to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Miami, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City and St. Louis this year, and should open up the potential market for the EVO 4G considerably when it’s released this summer (not the end of the year). HTC has already had some time to dabble with 4G handsets in Russia – one can only hope that the experience has provided them with a few valuable lessons before launching their first WiMAX handset in the U.S.

For a closer look at the EVO 4G and to sign up for availability notifications, head over to Sprint.

[via Sprint]

  • David

    Nice phone !! too bad its going to sprint!!!!

    • Chase

      cuz sprint rox

  • Michigan

    Will 4G ever come to MI, until then will the phone work with 3G without probs….

    • Izaya

      Yes, it should work. Normally, if you have 3g on your phone, and you go out of 3g range, your phone then switches to regular g, which is probably 1g. So if you don’t have 4g in your area, then you’d be using the next available #G u have in your area.

  • Izaya

    If I get this unlocked, will this work with T-mobile, or do Sprint Phones not work with T-mobile network? I forgot, heh heh…

    • Chuck

      Sprint is CDMA… it will not work with any GSM carrier, including t-mobile or ATT

  • adam

    Is verizon coming out with a htc with a 4.3 screen like sprint and if so, when?

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