Verizon announces Skype Mobile application for select 3G phones

As promised, today Verizon Wireless and Skype announced Skype Mobile, an application that allows customers to call any of the 500 million customers for free.  It was at Mobile World Congress that Verizon and Skype announced that they were joining forces, and now we the announcement of the goods to be shown

Starting Thursday, the 25th, Skype Mobile will be available to download. It will only be available for nine smartphones that Verizon carries, and when a core Skype client is developed, more devices will become available. Verizon chose not to use VoIP for their service, and chose to use their own network instead. Why? Verizon said its network was made for voice and a data-only voice app may not be optimal. Makes sense, as they wouldn’t want to compromise the voice quality that their customers have been accustom to.

When the application is downloaded users have immediately access to unlimited free Skype-to-Skype calling and SMS. Importing contacts is a breeze, and the option to merge contacts with your existing phone book should please. Contacts are also synced into the cloud, so when switching to another device, all your contacts will be available as soon as you download the application.You can view your contacts’ status, change your own, and the application is always on, running in the background. There’s no need for tethering to your computer or appointment calling anymore because everything it done through Skype Mobile. With the same coverage quality and reliability from Verizon, this is quite the solid application.

When the application is released, it will be available in many different ways. You can visit this link to have a text message sent to your device with instructions how to download. Android users can look to the Marketplace to find the application. Existing Blackberry users will have the Skype icon pushed to their devices, and new Blackberry users will have the application pre-installed, located in the ‘download’ folder. If you’re just too lazy to do any of the above, you can also just text ‘SKYPE’ to 2255, and follow the given instructions in the reply text.

Customers need a voice and data plan with Verizon, which shouldn’t be a problem because if you own any of the compatible phones, you need both of these anyway.  Does your phone make the cut?

  • Motorola DROID
  • Motorola Devour
  • HTC Droid Eris
  • Blackberry Storm
  • Blackberry Storm 2
  • Blackberry Curve 8330, 8530, 8830 World Edition
  • Tour 9630

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