Snapfinger brings food ordering to Android

Snapfinger is trying to make it easier to stuff your food hole by enabling you to use your Android device to order from places like California Pizza Kitchen, Outback, Subway and other national restaurants.

The Android app utilizes the phone’s GPS to determine what nearby restaurants are around you and it’s tied to the restaurant’s point-of-sales machine, so the menu you’re looking at is always current. You can pay for your order by entering your credit card information and this can be stored for later usage. There’s also the possibility of coupons and discounts delivered to your device through the app. The free app is available in the Android Market now.

In the video demonstration below, you can see that the iPhone version is pretty well-integrated and easy to use and the Android version is similar. It’s a great idea for an app but my main concern is that I don’t like eating at most of these national chain restaurants, and some of these aren’t even close to me. I ca really blame Snapfinger for this: You obviously have to go after the big dogs first because many of the yummy mom-and-pop shops I frequent won’t have the money or technical know-how to work with Snapfinger, but I was encouraged when they told me they’re working hard to get more local restaurants signed up.

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