T-Mobile HTC HD2 goes on sale, sells like hotcakes!

So, you probably already know that the T-Mobile HTC HD2 has gone live in the US. You can now walk into any T-Mobile retail store, or hit their online store, and pick up the world’s hottest Windows Mobile 6.5 handset. Well, actually, you might be able to put the HTC HD2’s massive 4.3-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen in your pocket if you can find one. Reports are rolling in from around the web that the T-Mobile HTC HD2 has been selling like metaphorical hotcakes since it’s launch yesterday.

Many T-Mobile stores are apparently sold out, or, if not completely dry, they’re running very low on HD2 inventory. Word from TmoToday has each store getting just 15-30 devices. Total devices sold is supposed to be in the neighborhood of 20,000 handsets. According to BGR, most of T-Mobile’s brick-and-mortar stores sold out of the HD2 in just four hours!

Seems like all the Samsung Galaxy S and HTC EVO 4G news coming out of CTIA didn’t really stop people from picking up the HD2. Check out our HTC HD2 vs HTC EVO 4G coverage here.

[Via: TmoToday]

  • anthonyx26

    Wow! I picked up this phone yesterday (last one at the store!). This is one bad ass phone. It runs circles around the iPhone. Two iPhone users (ppl I didn’t even know) saw me using it and asked me about it, clearly in pure jealousy (though they were too aloof to admit it).

    – anthonyx26

    • Dan Guzman

      It’s a very nice phone, but lacking. Awesome screen, I saw this phone last year unlocked because it’s been overseas for a while now and you can buy the unlocked version online. I doubt the iPhone users were in awe as the MS platform is way behind Android, Rim, and Apple. They were curious.

      If they can get android or the new windows version on it, it’ll be a huge hit.

  • Kelli


  • Jasmine Baker

    Yea they really did sell out very quickly. I’m so mad at T-Mobile because they were giving me the run around about ordering mine with my upgrade, I had to wait till the next morning to order and now the phone is on backorder so I don’t know if I’m one of the people that got caught up in the delay or if I actually got caught up in the backorder. I just hope if I did it doesn’t take them a long time to restock.

    • Amir

      Can u explain to me about this backorder stuff, my phone got caught in this and i recieved an email from t mobile about a natonawide stock and back order, what do they meen by back order??

  • Debbie

    I ordered the HD2 over the phone on the 24th. Paid the extra $20 for express shipping because the rep told me it was available. Now it’s the 27th, I still don’t have the phone and was given the following excuses: 1) TMO was not ready for such a demand on the HD2…unbelievable as that may sound…how can you NOT be ready? Don’t they read the news??
    2) I was told by another rep that UPS delievers on Saturday so I would have expected my phone to arrive today, the 27th….of course this was not the case, since UPS has never delievered on Saturdays. 3) Another rep told me that the new date for shipping the next round of phones (for those of us who giot the orders in before the backorder issue kicked in…I was one of them) is March 29th. If that is the case, I now have to wait another 3-4 days before I get my phone.

    I work for a very well known electronics company and even THEY had more common sense to start talking aout this phone and shipping stock to our stores before it actually hit the stores. This is clearly not a well thought out event from the arms of Tmobile…how can you be so uneducatesd about something that is so hot and new in the market??

    Signing off as…waiting impatiently in NJ

    • Crisisinthecity

      Maybe they new ahead of time that they might not have enough because as far as I could tell they didn’t even promote it. The only reason we knew it was coming is because we are phone nerds… 🙂 I showed up at my local T mobile at 9:05AM and they opened at 9 and got the 2nd to last one. They were sold out by 9:30AM…

      This phone rules. WM6.5 is fine. Plus the hackers in Russia are already working on getting WM7 to work on it and actually have a beta version coming soon. There is video of it working online, but they are having some issues with the graphics driver. Everything else though is working with WM7.

      It’s worth the wait for sure.

  • Travon

    I called t mobile today and im getting mines tomorrow evening

    • Catherine

      Did you get yours…..?

  • Matt Harlow

    I got mine Wednesday afternoon (and a 2nd free one for my wife – Smartphones were on a 2 for 1 special) and I love it. There are some kinks but they are more WM 6.5 than they are the hardware.

    I am looking for a good GPS program with turn by turn directions and maps stored in memory if anyone has any suggestions. GPS that doesn’t work when you can’t get the internet, is a little problematic in my area.

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