Disguise Your Drinking Addiction as a BlackBerry Addiction with the BevBurry

Introducing the BevBurry

Here’s a great gift idea for that BlackBerry-addicted friend of yours. You know, the one that has his 9700 holstered at his/her hip at all times… constantly has a head down, checking emails, sending BBM messages, playing Brick Breaker… you know who I’m talking about. It’s time to introduce… the BevBurry.

Designed to look like the now classic BlackBerry 7100g, the BevBurry may look like a BlackBerry, but it’s actually a 3 oz. flask. Stressed-out at work? Simply mutter ‘let me check my BlackBerry’, and pull the ‘BevBurry’ out of your pocket… Take a swig of the Scotch you no-doubt have hidden inside and let quick wit and productivity reign.

The BevBurry is made of sturdy plastic, and is guaranteed to dispense the satisfying beverage of your choice. It even comes with a holster to keep you looking ‘super cool’ as you walk down the street.

The best part of it all is the price. Available for only $12 CAD ($11.75 or so USD), you may want to stock up on the ‘BevBurry’ for birthdays, or heck even the holiday season coming up at the end of the year. You can never be too prepared. Get one while the gettin’ is good.

‘BevBurry’ Phone Flask ($11.99 CAD) [Binocktails]

[Via: Recombu]

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