MetaMorph breathes new life into Android UI customization

If you have a rooted Android device, you may be familiar with themes. Themes are a great way to get a new look for your device’s user interface, but sometimes you just want something from one, and something from another. Luckily MetaMorph is here to save the day, allowing you to pick themes apart and customize it to your liking.

Rooted Android users may be familiar with the name Stericson. He is an awesome developer who has been around since the early days of the G1, and we have him to thank for MetaMorph. I’ve tried MetaMorph previously, and it’s somewhat intimidating in the beginning, but after using it a bit, one can get the hang of it quite easily.

Say you have Cyanogen Mod, but you don’t like the selection highlights. Usually, in stock Android, selection highlights are orange – you might wish you could change them to another color. This is where MetaMorph comes in. You can look through individual themes available online, and pick out individual pieces from any theme. So if you just wanted to change the selection highlight to green, as seen in HTC Sense ROMs, all you have to do is download the specific change to the UI you’d like and then apply it through MetaMorph. After a quick reboot, you now have green selection highlights. MetaMorph should do a good job skinning the UI of G1 users, or rooted Android devices with not a lot of horsepower to flash a heavily customized ROM.

In a very informative, and sometimes (funny) ridiculous video, AndroidAndMe goes through the process of how to apply changes to your UI using MetaMorph.  The application should be able to work on any ROM, but the majority of users will likely be using one of the Cyanogen Mod ROMs. I’m running HTC’s Sense UI on my Nexus One, and I could not be happier, so I will be passing on this. But drop a line in the comments and tell us how you like the application if you’re using it. Big thanks to Stericson for putting something out like this, and if you like his application, consider buying the donate version of it. It’s only a buck, so show him some love!

Be sure to check out the video!

[Via: AndroidAndMe]

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