Breaking: Windows Phone 7 Series drops the ‘Series’ – Will be known as Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is apparently streamlining more than just the user interface in their completely revamped Windows Phone 7 Series mobile operating system. The company just announced that it has also trimmed the fat from their mobile OS brand as well. Microsoft today tweeted that their Windows Phone 7 Series will no longer make use of the “Series” and will be known to the world simply as “Windows Phone 7.” The change is subtle, to be sure, but not everyone here at IntoMobile HQ is convinced that the move is for the better.

Microsoft has been taking us on a long, windy road towards their new smartphone operating system. Windows Mobile phones were initially rebranded as “Windows Phones.” Then Microsoft ditched their storied WinMo branding for the “Windows Phone 7 Series” brand. Now, it seems Microsoft has settled on Windows Phone 7 as their final branding destination for their mobile OS.

So, there you have it, people. Microsoft’s next major mobile platform will henceforth be known as Windows Phone 7. That is all.

[Via: Twitter]

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