Droid Doesn’t – Motorola Droid’s Android 2.1 OS update slows graphic processing?

Are you a Motorola Droid owner who has recently updated to Android 2.1, through the OTA or manually? Notice any differences? Any lag here or there? Well, after what seemed like forever, Verizon recently began the roll-out to Android 2.1 on the Motorola Droid, after a couple delays.  Unfortunately, the update may have caused you to answer “yes” to the above questions. It looks like the 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid has lowered the graphics processing performance on the device. Though people say they have not noticed much, if any drop in performance, the numbers between the updated, and not updated Droid differ quite a bit.

There is an application to test your graphics on your Motorola Droid, we suggest you give it a try, and leave some feedback. What’s interesting about the picture above is that the Droid on the top is running the max fps, while the updated is only running 30 fps, with the max being 50.  I’m not anywhere near an expert but it makes me wonder what the devices were doing (what apps were running) to get those numbers. Who knows, maybe the non-updated Droid always ran at the max fps? Let’s hope the decrease in graphics processing could possibly help increase the battery life of all updated Motorola Droid phones out there.

In our testing with the Droid we found it ranged from 31-56 FPS, avg 32, min 12, and max 58. Now that’s quite a range, but we saw no noticeable differences in overall system performance. That being said, your results may differ. The guys over at Android Central got about 40-41 FPS in their testing, so it may depend on what you’d been doing with the device prior. In any case, give the test app a try, and tells us what you’re getting. If you play any graphic intensive games on your Droid, has performance dropped at all?

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • James

    Uh… I don’t have the update yet (no I’m not going to do it manually), but might this have something to do with the live (animated) wallpapers in 2.1?

    I don’t know the conditions these measurements were taken under, so I have no idea if live wallpapers were even turned on or whether the reading was taken on the home screen. I notice the screen with the readout is just pitch black… Is that how it was when it was measured or is that just something to keep the screen tidy/clear to post it on the net?

    I’ve heard the human eye can’t really distinguish much above 30 fps anyway, but the extra buffer would be nice just so you don’t see as much stutter.

  • JustSomeDude

    After update avg=40 min=24 max=68. Unknown before update. I wonder if the above readings came from phones with many apps running in background?

  • Marin Perez

    Just had it on for about 8 hours, nothing strenuous and I haven’t noticed a dip in performance. Had to do a factory delete due to an unrelated Gmail bug though, so I’m playing with 2.1 on an utterly clean machine. Let us know what you readers are experiencing.

  • Kris

    Sounds like iPhone fan boy crap… if you have the live wallpapers enabled it will obviously report lower frames than if you have a simple “non-live” wallpaper.

  • Ed Burnette

    For the video all background apps were killed with a task manager program. A static wallpaper was used. Also, airplane mode was selected so all radios were turned off.

    Later, I even did a factory reset and wipe of the whole phone, but it didn’t get rid of the problem.

    @JustSomeDude: Did you get the Over The Air (OTA) update, or did you manually download and install the update?

  • Terrance Shaw

    I was fortunate to have received 2.1 yesterday after work, and was playing around with it for a good bit afterwards. Live Wallpapers are a neat gimmick, and the updated Gallery and Clock apps are substantially better than their pre-2.1 counterparts IMO. The browser also seems to be a bit more responsive, and I have nothing negative to say in terms of the FPS. Though the only game I’ve played on my DROID to this point is Replica Island, I think it is? My only real complaints are the lack of additional homescreens (yes, I realize there are home replacement apps, thanks) and the new app drawer. Still, not a deal breaker.

  • Hiren

    I haven’t got the update yet. Can anyone tell me how to get the update on my droid?

    • Dave

      Go to Androidcentral.com and they will walk you through it. There are very simple instructions to follow.

    • benz tech

      My update just came over the air. All I hit was OK and the download started. Did notice a difference with the picture gallery. Not sure about other stuff.

  • brian

    Updated to 2.1 on Friday morning OTA. I haven’t noticed a decline in performance. Haven’t seen a noticeable increase though either. The way I see it, I’m getting some really cool new features, and my phone works fine. There’s always room for improvement, but I don’t see any deal breaking performance issues here.

  • Zac

    Manual update here. Tried Asphalt (3D Racer) and the game ran smooth. I’d say smoother than on 2.0.1, which I’d notice occasional hitching during gameplay. However Asphalt was also updated around the time I did the 2.1 update. Did not try the FPS tester, but I don’t see a point since I do not have a pre-update bench.

    As was mentioned though, it could simply be a battery saving change. 30 FPS in 2D games should be satisfactory for most cases.

    I wonder though, if the application has differences when plugged in or not.

  • DantheMan

    I have noticed lag with live wall paper. But without live wallpapers its faster, consistant and way smoother than 2.0.1. I received 2.1 o.t.a. didn’t manually update. With full bars and 3G I ran this FPS test. With all apps closed except taskpanel and the test app. And here’s my results.
    Without live wall papers fps=between 30/60, avg=40, min=24, max=67,
    With live wall papers fps=between 30/60, avg=40, min=20, max=65,

  • Johnny Hughes

    I got a 56 average after the 2.1 update.

  • Tim

    Was the poorly performing droid tested prior to it’s upgrade? Might be a bum droid, bad processor?

  • Jamie Trigueiro

    what is the droid app you use to test the FPS?

  • Kenny Kim

    I got the update on Tuesday. Overall the performance feels snappy and quick. I think it feels this way mainly because i think they tweaked the physics of the menu drawer. It seems to come up and snap faster. Also, the physics within the menu drawer when scrolling seems quicker and more responsive. Battery life seemed to improved too.

    However, I can really notice a difference in the FPS with SNesoid (super mario). The FPS have definitely dropped a bit. Its playable..but definitely not as smooth and perfect as it was with 2.0.1.

    But overall, 2.1 seems optimized well for the Droid. IMO, i would gladly give up the live wallpapers to get my FPS back (assuming its the reason for the decrease).

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