IntoMobile’s iPad App Survival Guide: Gamer Edition

It looks like we’re officially at the home stretch for tomorrow’s release of the Apple iPad as we’re now within 24 hours of its release.  If you’ve taken the plunge and are counting down the hours until its release, this may very well be the longest couple of hours you’ve ever felt in your life.  But hold on.  Have you even thought about what apps you plan on downloading for your new bundle of joy?  More importantly, what GAMES will you be wasting countless hours on your couch playing?

Apple flipped the switch yesterday to allow iPad apps to be visible on iTunes.  The thing is, there are already a ton of games available for the iPad, and it hasn’t even launched!  That’s where your ole Uncle Danny comes in.  I’ve taken the liberty of scouring the App Store for any and every iPad game you should have your eyes set on.  The list is kind of large with games from such notable publishers as EA Mobile, Activision,  Gameloft, and Chillingo to name a few and the prices will range from Free to $14.99.  But what good is that $500+ tablet without a good game on it, or FIFTY good games?!

Jump the break for our comprehensive breakdown of iPad games that are currently available on the AppStore!

EA Mobile

Mirror’s Edge for iPad ($12.99)

Scrabble for iPad ($9.99)

Need for Speed Shift for iPad ($12.99)

Command & Conquer Red Alert for iPad ($12.99)

Tetris for iPad ($7.99)


Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition for iPad ($9.99)


Frogger Pad ($.99)

Metal Gear Solid Touch ($7.99)


Geometry Wars: Touch for iPad ($9.99)

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies for iPad ($14.99)


Pool Pro Online 3 for iPad ($6.99)

PAC-MAN for iPad ($4.99)

2K Games

Civilzation Revolution for iPad ($12.99)

Popcap Games

Plants vs. Zombies HD ($9.99)

TellTale Games

Sam& Max Episode 1: The Penal Zone for iPad ($9.99)

ngmoco:) / Freeverse

We Rule for iPad (FREE)

Charadium for iPad (FREE)

GodFinger (FREE)

Flick Fishing HD ($2.99)

NBA Hotshots HD ($2.99)

Warpgate HD ($7.99)

CastleCraft (FREE)


Tap Tap Radiation (FREE)


NFL 2010 HD ($6.99)

Dungeon Hunter HD ($6.99)

Real Soccer 2010 HD ($6.99)

UNO HD ($6.99)

Modern Combat: Sandstorm HD ($6.99)

N.O.V.A. – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD ($9.99)

Let’s Golf! HD ($6.99)

Asphalt 5 HD ($6.99)


Ice Age Deluxe: Dawn of the Dinosaurs ($4.99)

Angry Birds HD ($4.99)

Minigore HD ($4.99)

Cash Cow Deluxe ($4.99)

Cogs HD ($4.99)

Radio Flare REDUX HD ($4.99)

Sneezies HD ($4.99)

Puzzler World XL ($7.99)

BoardBox™ HD ($3.99)

Quantz HD ($4.99)

Super Shock Football HD ($4.99)

GEON HD ($4.99)

Sword of Fargoal Legends ($7.99)

Piyo Blocks 2 HD ($2.99)


Flight Control HD ($4.99)

Real Racing HD ($9.99)

Subatomic Studios

Fieldrunners for iPad ($7.99)

Team 17 Software

Worms HD ($4.99)

Newtoy Inc.

Words with Friends HD ($4.99)


Implode! XL ($1.99)

Cliffed XL ($1.99)

Zombie Attack! Second Wave XL ($3.99)

Paramount Pictures

TOP GUN for iPad ($4.99)

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