Microsoft to Unveil Pure and Turtle Windows Phones April 12

You might remember Project Pink, a little something Microsoft was working on that had something to do with Windows Phone 7? Well, the two phones, Turtle and Pure, are apparently launching on April 12 at a Microsoft event in San Francisco. Despite plenty of pictures, We know very little about the handsets themselves, other than the fact that they’re likely to launch on Verizon and will have Zune and social media service built in.

We just got the totally tubular invites from Microsoft’s PR team via snail mail, so you can be sure we’ll be bringing you live coverage of the Microsoft Pink unveiling next week. Stay tuned!

[via CNET]

  • Fábio

    Here in Portugal we sell toilet paper on tubes like that.

  • Henry Tsau

    The Turtle and Pure phones may as well be toilet paper. Microsoft is now the laughing stock of the phone industry.

    Windows Phone 7 was bad enough. It is missing vital features like Copy and Paste, and its immature development environment makes WP7 unable to run complex apps.

    Now it gets even worse. Two smartphones, “Turtle” and “Pure”, which will run no 3rd party apps at all.

    Even minor / cheap phone platforms like Samsung Bada and Qualcomm Brew have apps and a development environment. Turtle and Pure will be cut off from app development. It’s really quite bizarre that Microsoft would even consider releasing appless smartphones.

    Not only are Microsoft’s mobile products all completely uncompetitive with Android, they are also a complete joke.

    • enigma

      Oh is it? it will support adobe air, Adobe air apps are going to rock the app market. Adobe air is now supported in android phones. Every flash app will be a mobile app. Do you think microsoft is crazy not to open up apps for winphone? i bet its going to be better than apple app store.

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