iPhone 4.0 Event Artwork Hints at Background Apps, Multitasking

iPhone 4.0 Artwork

Hmmmmm… Now this is interesting. Check out the artwork I came across this morning for the iPhone OS 4.0 Event. The text ‘Get a sneak peek into the future of iPhone OS’ isn’t what is important here (although it will be cool to see what’s packed inside 4.0)… Check it out. Clearly there’s a number 4, positioned at the top of the image, but it’s not the actual number that’s in the foreground… it’s the shadow. The shadow that is usually in the background, is in the foreground. Am I crazy or does this lead one to believe there WILL be background apps in 4.0? Multitasking? Can I get a seconder?

This is no mistake, Apple know what they’re doing when they release promos like this. After taking a look at this one, I’m more excited than ever for iPhone OS 4.0. Can I get a seconder? iPhone 4.0 FTW!

[Via: TiPb]

  • Swiftman

    I think you might be reading a little much into the picture… It is like me saying that they are building a time machine into OS 4.0 because it says that they will let you see the future. Nice try, but no.

  • Steve Jobs

    I thought the same thing when I saw it. Could be confirmation bias, but Apple does usually hint in the promo images.

  • Ez

    Your reaching man

  • Steve Ballmer

    That’s a bit of a stretch, James. I’m going to add you to our “bad journalist” list here at Redmond.

    Oh yeah, Windows Mobile has had multi-tasking for years.

    • Miron Tewfik

      That’s right, has, but not anymore in Windows Phone 7 Series, so enjoy it while it lasts.

  • justin

    A little more on that point, “sneak peak” probably hints at the Expose-like functionality of the future multitasking.

  • foobored

    yeah sure … and maybe it means it has a quad core hidden inside, too.
    or it is just os4.0 which hasn’t stepped out into the light, yet.

  • Ez

    Or it could be a real cool graphic and just saying “hey come see our new upgrades to the iphone OS, goodtimes ahead!”

  • James Falconer

    Could be! 🙂

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