Skype comes to iPad, sort of

You can use the Skype application on your iPad to make calls but don’t get your hopes up for a great experience.

The 1.3.1 version works with Apple’s tablet but it doesn’t have an iPad-specific user interface. As you can see from the pictures, this means you’ll get the gross-looking blown up interface. The latest version does have the VoIP functionality you expect and there are some minor tweaks and improvements as well. Don’t be too hard on Skype though because it’s not marketing this as the “iPad app” and it didn’t have hands-on time with the device to craft a version that can take advantage of the tablet’s beautiful screen.

“You can expect to hear more from us about an iPad app in the coming months as we now have our hands on actual iPads and can start tuning and testing,” Skype wrote on its blog.

– Download Skype for iPad, iPhone (Free) [iTunes Link]

[Via Skype blog]

  • William Hahn

    Pls notify me via e-mail when U have an iPad fully compatible version available.

    William Hahn

  • Coco


    • Chiefpriest

      on your skpe page go to the top left hand corner there you will see skype,contacts,conversation etc and click on skype,you’ll see log out.

      • Dw Salesandmarketing

        you’re talking nonsense mate…to log off on iPad you need to click 0n “My Info” at the bottom right corner then click on “Sing Out” in the top right corner…there now you have it right.

  • Linda

    I need some help. My son is leaving for Irac on Nov 1. It would be nice to talk via skype but I can only get dial-up internet where I live. Just how bad is the skype on the ipad??

    • Tom

      Works well, just looking ugly. Im using it over broadband tho.

  • Melissa

    I am in a chat window and can’t get out of it. How do I get back my home screen

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