Survey Says: BlackBerry Users Looking to Android and iPhone for Mobile Bliss

I usually give most surveys and research a grain-of-salt disclaimer. Sometimes because I don’t believe (or want to believe) the results, other times because the source of the information is not really credible. I’d like to attach the same sort of disclaimer to this little bit of info, mostly because, well, I just don’t believe it 🙂

The folks at Crowd Science recently published the results of a brand loyalty survey they administered. Here are some of the key points they discovered:

  • Almost 40% of BlackBerry users prefer the Apple iPhone as their next smartphone purchase, but one-third of those users would also consider an Android-based device.
  • Android and iPhone users are tops in brand loyalty. Roughly 90% from each group will stick with their OS of choice.
  • 32% of BlackBerry users said they would swap their current device for the Nexus One.
  • 9% of iPhone users said they’d swap-out for the Nexus One.

Make what you will of these results, if nothing more these are sure some strong talking points. BlackBerry users, are you as surprised by these results as I am? Are you really that unhappy with your current Berry? Do you feel the RIM OS is old, outdated and ‘stale’? Sound off in the comments!


  • Nicole Ting

    I am a former Blackberry user, and yes, the old and outdated OS along with the snail-speed internet practically forced me to the Android. Don’t get me wrong…if by some miracle RIM updates its OS I would be back in a second.

  • weezy F

    umm..there is nothing wrong with the os…its the devices that needs to be fixed…for example..all the 3g phones have hsdpa at 3.6 mbpz….like which world is blackberry living in…all the other smart phone are at 7.2 mbps…nokia is at 10 mbps…you can stream video on these phones whichout buffering a bit…and with a blackberry…you have to wait forever for it to load…second thing..the the newest bold aka 9700 has the same cpu speed as the old bold aka 9000….what was the point of releasing the new bold if they are not going to change anything except the trackpad and a camera…another concern is the browser….IT IS SHIT…even a motorola v3 has a faster and more user friendly then a blackberry’s browser…and the last thing…the apps…apple has about 30% free appz on their app store…while google has 50%…and blackberry has 10%…like common…does blackberry think that the consumers are gonna pay $5 for a theme???…are you nuts??

  • Daniel R

    I would say that I am almost in agreement. I did try the HTC Hero, but its poor battery life and not out-of the-box efficiency of some of its core programs were a pain.. in order to make them work the way you wanted them , at least similar to your BB, you had to download another app to fix the problem. This became a pain, and I quickly up-graded to a newer BB.
    However, with this being said I hope RIM comes out with a BB that can match the speed and storage capacity of some of the newer Android phones coming out.. Even with the existing OS, with a faster processor and a 1gig of storage space, us BB users would scream and rejoice.

  • ljp

    The lifespan of this garbage survey is remarkable. The methodology was extremely faulty. The number of BB users that made up the actual survey numbered less than 100, it was conducted the week of the outage back in December and for some questions the only options were iPhone, Android and “other smartphone”.
    If Crowd Science was accurate, RIM would be shedding about 2.5 million users per quarter. Yet they added 4.9 million. Has anyone asked Crowd Science about this discrepancy?

  • Jerry Johnson

    I agree with ljp. This was not a survey. RIM is a client of mine and it has been painful to see reputable journalists published this absent any questioning. Shameful. Crowd Science uses something called “river sampling” which can produce useful anecdotal information but cannot be representative of the market. No reputable survey research firm uses this approach and pretends it to be representative of the market.

    A friend of mine who is in the market research business explained the process or ‘river sampling’ this way.

    “You need to find out what the citizens of Montgomery County, Maryland think but you are too cheap to for a scientific survey that uses a random sampling of the entire population. But you know that a lot of people in Montgomery Country shop at Montgomery Mall. But you can’t do a random sample at the Mall because the Mall won’t let you intercept people coming and going. So you pick a few stores that strike you as representative — say, the Gap, Borders, Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch and you interview some of the shoppers in each.”

    And then you suggest that those interviews represent everyone in Montgomery County.

    This wouldn’t pass muster among any serious market researcher or pollster.

  • bold user

    I am a blackberry bold 9000 user on Rogers network for the past year. Before that I had perl for couple of years. I do feel that blackberry browser is utterly useless for anything serious. Requesting script message pisses me off
    After iphone os 4 media event yesterday I ordered a Iphone 3GS.
    That is all I want to say.

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