Mobiado CPT001 concept phone is weird and impressive at the same time

Mobiado is out with a new concept phone marked as CPT001. The somewhat weird-looking device is referred to as an “objet d’art,” blending modern technology with materials that were used during the renaissance period.

The CPT001 is made from one piece of solid marble with gold filled engraved letters and details. The touchscreen is made from a single large piece of sapphire. The buttons and watch crown are made from solid gold, with a magnificent gold skeleton mechanical watch movement placed between the Call and End buttons.

In a nutshell, once (or that’s if) released, this baby will cost a small fortune. It will also be Mobiado’s first touchscreen device. And we’ve no idea when that may happen and if it actually happens what will be the CPT001’s sticker price. One thing is certain – this phone is not made for an Average Joe. Moreover, I doubt it will be available in more than few units and can already imagine Russian tycoons and Arab oil billionaires outbidding each other for the privilege of owning such a device. 😉

[Via: Unwired View]

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