Stitcher Podcast Radio for BlackBerry Updated with Tour 9630 Support

Stitcher Radio for BlackBerry

Stitcher Radio, the BlackBerry app that promises to ‘turn your BlackBerry into a Smart Radio’, has been updated with support for the Tour 9630 (providing OS 5.0 is installed). With Stitcher you can stream your favorite podcasts and radio shows on-demand, as you want ’em. Listen to great content from networks like CNN, CBS, the WSJ, IGN, Apple, Fox News, Politico and Slate just to name a few… you’ll also get access to some of the most popular podcasts around, including the latest from TechCrunch, Adam Carolla, Leo Laporte and more.

Key features of Stitcher:

  • On-demand stations sorted by topic or source
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Build out your very own favorites station
  • Rate shows and Stitcher will start to tailor your listening

This latest version with Tour support is not yet available in App World, so use the download link below to get it on your 9630.

Stitcher Podcast Radio (Free)
Download OTA:

Note: It’s nice to see Stitcher working hard on device compatibility. Back at the beginning of March they unveiled a new version for the Storm2. Sure, we’ve had to wait awhile, but the 9630 compatibility is a welcome addition.

[Via: BBCool]

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