Manually install Android 2.1 on your rooted Samsung Moment

If you’re a Samsung Moment owner who’s rooted your device, you have an idea of what root means, obviously. Rooted devices have access to system files, which can enable a user to apply modifications, themes, and yes, custom ROMs. With the Android 2.1 update for the Moment possibly days away, for those who can no longer wait, you can install it yourself!

The Android 2.1 ROM, found at SDX-Developers is for rooted devices only. Usually, this is not the case. We’ve reported how to ‘sideload‘ an update onto your un-rooted device, but sadly, this time around you need to be rooted. Some issues have been reported when a users tried to access the Android Market, but all it takes (in most cases) is to reset the device, and you should be good to go.

Rooting, as well as flashing a system image onto your phone can brick your device if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you decide to do this, check out the forum, and read what people are saying about the process. Of course, you’re going to want to check out the ROM itself.

Only after you’ve educated yourself, should you make the decision to root or manually install the update. Just make sure you know that things can go wrong. I’ve come close to bricking many of my Android devices, but I’ve been lucky for the most part. Thanks to the great community, a lot of issues people run into are probably already posted in their right place. So if you happen to dive in, and think you’ve bricked you device, check a forum, there may be a fix for it. While bricking is possible, it’s actually pretty hard for an Android device.

If you end up updating to the ROM, tell us how it is. I don’t know anyone with a Moment, so I can’t even beg someone to allow me to fuck with their phone. The Moment is a nice phone, but let’s hope the Moment 2 delivers more.

[Via: AndroidGuys]

  • gk

    I read through the forum, they kept saying to install it with sprint’s update software. I did not read once (so far) that the phone had to be rooted, but I could be wrong. I would think if it works with sprint’s software, then no root is required.

    • thenuge26

      You are correct, this will flash with sprints official update tool, released with the 1.5 update a couple of months ago, cl14.

      I think this confusion is coming from things that these builds do not have, like live wallpapers and the N1 launcher. Along with 2.1, those amazing guys at SDX have also got both these working on 2.1, but they require root, which they have also figured out. From the timestamps of the posts, I counted 11 hours between the leak and Joey posting how to get root. Pretty sick.

    • steve

      no root is required at all whoever thinks that is a moron.
      all you need is the samsung update cl14 software and the 2.1 software replace the update in the c:\programfiles/samsung electronics\ then go to the folder called binaries and switch the 2 files run the updater an like magic 2.1 is avalible on the moment. just make sure you remove all drivers and versions of pc studio installed

      • Mark

        I have did that, but when I follow the instructions on the flash and turn my phone off and hit the 3 keys, it says on the updater and my computer that it can not find the drivers. How did you get your’s to work?

  • linckraker

    ROOT is NOT i say again NOT required to install this. you can go straight from the last offical update (cl14) to this using the CL14 updater.

    • Android Up

      Can you give me the heads up on how to put 2.1 in the moment(not rooted)

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