Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 gets a firmware update

Sony Ericsson has released the first software update for its flagship Windows Mobile smartphone – Xperia X2. By now, the new firmware (MR1) should be available in most markets, though some countries may have to wait for an additional day or two.

Here’s what’s changed:

  • MR1 is built on a new core platform release from Microsoft including a newer version of IE6.
  • Stability improvements are everywhere – SlideView, Panel manager and TileWave included.
  • Performance improvements focused on rotation and touch performance, the camera, web browsing, the software keyboard and audio streaming.
  • New features added include FM radio, Video calling, auto-lock and much faster GPS fix.
  • SlideView 2.0 – comes with a fresh design that offers better usability, as well as new/reply/delete/edit capabilities in messaging and calendar. Moreover, music scrolling/searching and the mini-player have also been enhanced.
  • The new dialer – comes with four buttons that give easy access to the dial-pad, favorites, call activity and contacts. Moreover, the target hit area in contacts has been increased for finger friendliness.

In a nutshell, it’s a must-install update! Download the Sony Ericsson Update Service client and follow instructions provided on the screen. It’s that easy. 😉

[Via: Sony Ericsson Blog]

  • junaid


  • claulea

    Don’t downgrade!!! this is a bull shit. only freezes, i can’t use memory card anymore, no booting without removing battery, etc.

  • diglila

    Update is a disaster… Camera application and driver sucks…panels are slower… its a crap

  • qww

    I agree its crap, I want sell mine and get HTC HD2 🙁

  • Edgar

    This really crap, I think that I wasted my money buying this phone. All I get is freezes all the time for no reason. I sent it back to sony ericsson repair, for weeks now and I can't get an update on the phone.

  • Craig

    This by far is the worst phone ever made, SE should be taken to court for selling such a piece of rubbish. How can they not be held liable for this?

  • sourabh

    whats the hell made by SE no use of it , its a worst phone ever made by any vendor, how can we get our money back, i want to return back to sony ericsson is there any scheme please let me know otherwise we will sue on it

  • Afelefel

    it was my Bad luck to got X2 , the worst phone
    i don’t know how to sell it (no one want to take it)
    the phone stop working any time any where with no reason
    the sound very very bad
    the alarm very bad
    no video call
    if the Wi-Fi working and i got a call the phone got as stone (i should remove the battery)
    the keyboard some time with light and some times no light
    internet memory very low (it got full after browse 5 mins)
    the front cam (not for use) just decoration
    Cam with badest quality at night
    Video with no Zoom and very low Qu
    the Memory card is almost formatted “still new” and no programs installed and no ring tones “still original and still stop working as the X2 want any time

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