Best Buy selling Android-powered Nook

You can now get your e-book reading on from Best Buy, as the major retailer is now selling the Android-powered Nook from Barnes & Noble.

The device is a rather sleek way to read books and the little touch screen brings some Android goodness. Don’t expect to go hog wild with the Android Market though, as it’s mainly used for browsing through your content. Still, I’m sure ambitious hackers could get around some restrictions and have some fun with the Nook.

At $250, it’s still outrageously expensive, especially when you consider the entry-level iPad is only $500.

[Via Best Buy]

  • Aaron

    I don’t think you understand what this really is. I wouldn’t compare it to the iPad. Compare it to the Kindle 2 which is the same price. The iPad cannot compare with this battery life, visibility, easy to read, etc… This is a eBook reader not a computer.

    • Marin Perez

      Fair enough and I probably didn’t get into it as much as I should have. A dedicated e-reader for $250 will appeal to a certain segment but at that price you have to start thinking about something like the iPad, which can also read books, but not as well.

      The cliche analogy is that you can buy a top-of-the-line microwave for $250 or a full kitchen that’s not too great for $500. For microwave aficionados, it’s not up for discussion but for the mass market, the full kitchen seems like a better bet.

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