NextGen Tracks Body Weight with BlackBerry and Wi-Fi Scale

Fitness software developer Gym Technik has just struck up a partnership with Withings (who make a Wi-Fi-enabled weight scale) to allow you to track your weight progress on a BlackBerry application. What happens is, once you step onto the scale, you get an e-mail with the results, and then you can launch the BlackBerry app from an included link, the data from which is kept with the rest of your exhaustive Gym Technik data.

The NextGen application lets you track which exercises you do, look up new exercises, and monitor your body changes (BMI, bicep size, etc.). Just in case you’re lacking in self-abuse motivation, you can actually set up the Withings scale to tweet your weight every time you step on, so the world knows precisely how fat trim you are.

If you’re not rocking a BlackBerry, the Withings scale also plugs into WeightBot, RunKeeper, and Withings’ own iPhone applications, as well as a variety of other web services.  The scale goes for $159, while Gym Technik’s tracking service will run you $48/year.

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