Nokia 5230 Coming to Wind Mobile

The Nokia 5230 Nuron which has recently found its way to T-Mobile U.S. is now working its way northward to Wind Mobile; makes sense given both carriers use AWS bands. This marks the first new phone to Wind’s lineup since launching before Christmas, and we can expect another three handsets (at least one with Androixd) within the next five months or so.

The 5230 was first announced last summer, being pitched as just about the cheapxest smartphone out there. It packs a 3.2″ 320 x 640 display, GPS, 2 megapixel camera, and 3.6 Mbps HSPA connectivity. I’m sincerely hoping they at least offer this with an option to skip Comes with Music – the markup for a service like that is ridiculous.

No word on a specific date or price point, but for a closer look at the 5230, check out Nokia Canada’s information page.

[via Wind Mobile Blog]

  • wuf

    I wonder from where you picked up the “XpressMusic” for this product.

  • Simon Sage

    Woops. Looked an awful lot like the 5800, guess I had it stuck in my head that they were part of the same family. Thanks for the correction!

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