Survey: business folk can’t live without sex, smartphones

A new survey from RingCentral finds that business people think smartphones rival sex for things they can’t live without.

While this may seem disconcerting at first, it does show the power and intimacy of these devices. The smartphone is not just a computer in your pocket, it’s becoming the way you connect with friends and family on the go. It’s the thing you look at baby pictures on, or discover your new favorite song, or fill in the blank. Now, would I trade a night of tender, tender loving for brand new Nexus One? No way. If you offer me a prototype Nexus Two however …

Some other interesting findings are:

* Smartphones and having intimate relationships tied (40%) for being the number one thing respondents cannot live without.

* The majority (79%) of respondents cite the smartphone as the phone they used the most to conduct business, as compared to an office phone or home phone.

* Smartphones are also encroaching on computers as well, with 34% of respondents using the Smartphone more than the computer for business. In fact, 7% don’t even take their laptop when they travel for business if they have their smartphone. Is this the beginning of a coming dramatic shift?

[Via RingCentral]

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    Ok, I’m ashamed. Read the article ONLY for the picture. What a freakin perv I am 😀

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