US Cellular to get HTC Desire?

The HTC Desire is one of the most sought after Android devices to date that is available today. Up until now, there had not been any news of a US release of the device. That changed today, as it looks like US Cellular is picking up the device. Can I get a “WTF?”

US Cellular is the 6th largest Wireless Carrier in the US. It is a regional carrier for the Midwest, and how they got dibs on this awesome phone is beyond me. It’s probably beyond them, too.  I couldn’t imagine what kind of money US Cellular had to drop to be able to get this device. Sure, it’s a win for them, but why would HTC send off such an amazing phone to the Midwest, (the place people go when they give up on their dreams, as Daniel Tosh would put it) when it could be so much more successful on any of the top four wireless networks? But there may be an explanation as to why the ‘HTC Desire” was put on US Cellular’s rebate form.

It may be unlikely, but this reasoning makes the most sense to me: the “HTC Desire” listed here is not the Desire you might be thinking of. I think it may the Droid Eris. Before it was renamed to the Droid Eris, the code name of the device was the Desire.  Now that the Eris may be leaving Verizon’s Android-stable, I believe it makes it a much better assumption that it will be this device that is going to US Cellular, not the gorgeous Snapdragon-powered Desire. US Cellular certainly couldn’t use Verizon’s name for it, so it makes sense that they may have returned it to its code name. This is speculative thinking, but I think it may be the case.

No pricing or availability has been announced, nor has the phone itself. I just hope that if this is indeed the ‘new’ HTC Desire, that it will come to a bigger carrier. Soon.

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  • allan

    Also, notice that the Bold 9650 is on there?

  • Corey

    Just because they are a smaller company doesn’t mean they can’t compete. I’ve had USCC for 16 years and there coverage is way better than Verizon and USCC. I always have service. No dropped calls. They definitely have money ready to splash on getting phones as they do a lot of tower shares. This is a positive move. Don’t hate on them.

    • Liz

      I like what you had to say Corey and agree 100% Thank you.

    • dave

      I switched from Verizon to US Cellular due to all of my business dealings in the mid west and was slso tired of Verizon dropped calls ( “Can you hear me yet ” must mean they knew they had spotty coversge ?? )

      This is truly good news and hope to pick up the HTC Desire if it is indeed the new “hotRod” phone …

    • Breeze

      i have had us cellular for 8 years,
      there service is outstanding and there customer support is by far the best out there, the only problem they have ever faced is there small variety of phones and there lack of high end phones with the new blackberry and 9650 that will be taken care of. i also here there is a new samsung phone with android coming out soon.

  • Liz

    Don’t know very much about US Cellular… you?


    I’ve been very sceptical myself, but a large number of US Cellular employees were recently part of a company webinar which detailed the Desire… They all claim that the technical specs they were given is that of the actual Desire, not the Eris… that it will have the snapdragon processor, 5 mega pixel camera and all the features of the GSM model of the Desire. Its well discusses and cussed in Howards Forum


      I’d also point out that the US Cellular Facebook page has stated that their getting the Desire was the worst kept secret in cell phone history.

  • James

    Blake: Thanks for thinking that the Midwest is undeserving of such a fantastic phone. Your brash disregard for the Midwest is a gross misunderstanding. Just because you are from Texas doesn't make you a venerable resource as to where, when or why a piece of technology should or shouldn't be used here or there. Thanks for thinking you are better than the Midwest. Thanks for being an ass. See you in 50 years when you come here to die.

  • Chris

    US Cellular is also a northeastern bit too, such as Maine, NH, VT, etc

  • MidwestBetty

    You're from Texas bloke, leave the stocking caps to us midwest folk. U.S. Cellular can teach the big four a few things about phone service, and you should take notes.

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