Boxee wants to be on your iPad, iPhone

You may soon be seeing Boxee on your iPad, as the company is looking to hire a lead developer for Apple’s mobile platform.

If you’ve never used Boxee, its a program that essentially aggregates various online video into a pleasing user experience. Throw this thing on your Apple TV or computer that’s connected to a television and you’ll see the real value of it. Now, it looks like it will try and get on various Apple mobile platforms.

We consider ‘other screens’ as important as TVs for enjoying video. In that spirit, we seek a lead iPad and iPhone developer to be the first member of our Mobile Applications team.

This position will be involved throughout the entire application development lifecycle. You must be confident, take ownership of your projects, work efficiently without management, be personable, and able to articulate yourself well verbally.

Boxee has also teamed with D-Link to create its own funky-looking Boxee Box but I don’t see this gaining that big of a market because it’s yet another box (and that “hip” design is just dumb – I need to be able to stack my boxes). Getting on as many platforms as possible is a much better strategy.

As for the Apple devices, the iPad is quickly becoming a great media consumption device. We’ll soon have Boxee to go along with Netflix, CBS, and maybe Hulu. It’s becoming a strong Internet video device, even without supporting Flash.

[Via Boxee]

  • michelle c

    what does boxee bring to the table that the iphone/ipad can’t deliver, we already have several ways to play netflix.

    And we have an app that will play hulu content, isn’t boxee just another piece of server or client software that runs on you pc or mac and feeds a client.

    With a little work we probably could access boxee from one of our underdevelopment apps.

  • racinjason

    I think your wrong about this not being a hit for tv. There is a growing number of households looking to unhook from cable/dish/verizon paid tv services and use boxee to watch their favorite shows, clips, listen to music, local media, movies and use their paid online services (MLB, netflix and others) with Boxee. Everyone I talk to that knows about Boxee is excited to see the platform go onto a dedicated box that is capable of expanding their tv into so much more for such a small price.

    Yes boxee is great by itself on the pc or maybe even the many tablets coming out but your living room tv is still where people want to be entertained. Most people aren’t techno nerds that watch all their media on an iPad or their desktop pc.

    Yes I already have amazon video, youtube and photo apps on my blu ray, but the experience using them on a movie remote sucks. I’m ready for my Boxee box. I have a spot ready for it.

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